Educational Facilities Cleaning

Our extensive professional cleaning experience includes also cleaning of educational establishments, such as kindergarten, schools, and universities. Educational facilities cleaning can be a quite a challenge, due to an enormous number of students passing by through those facilities. Cleanliness and health is not such a priority to them and our goal is to make sure that germs and bacteria do not affect them in any way.

We build our standards around your necessities, which help us develop the best cleaning practice for your establishment. Enhancing the appearance and providing a healthy environment to kindergartens and students is utmost importance to us. With such high-traffic facilities, where children spend a lot of their time, education facilities cleaning service is a must. Protect your students’ well-being by making sure their surrounding is clean and healthy.

Kindergarten cleaning

Kindergartens, schools, and universities are places where children should enjoy their learning and creativity, as well as to feel safe and secure. However, kindergarten is especially hard to maintain and keep clean due to children’s age. It is a public fact that children are messy, and can create a lot of different situations that require professional cleaning. Most kindergarten facilities have regular carpet cleaning, window cleaning and even overall cleaning professionals doing the cleaning job for them.

We are well aware of the serious responsibility that childcare requires especially if you want to provide a clean and spotless environment for both your children and their teachers. At Magic Clean Auckland we guarantee the high standard of cleaning services and even higher commitment for each and every one of your demands. Kindergarten does not leave room for compromises when it comes to the wellbeing of your little ones. Keep your education facility sparkling clean and ensure the health of each and every one of your students.

Kindergarten cleaning

School cleaning

Schools are homes for many students, teachers, and staff for many hours per day. With so many people in one place, these facilities become large pools of possible infections, bacterias, and germs. Children do not pay so much attention to maintain a clean and study classroom or toilets. This is where you need our school cleaning service.

Magic Clean Auckland is completely dedicated to providing the cleanest environment for your both your personnel and students. We offer a different set of professional cleaning services depending on your needs and requirements. Our team of highly experienced cleaners will take care of every school corner, from the bottom to the top. Providing a healthy school environment is always our priority.

University cleaning

Magic Clean Auckland always listens carefully to your needs and develops a perfect cleaning solution that will make sure your university transmits the image of a clean and appealable facility. If you want seamless cleanliness, we can help you with just one call.

Do not worry, our cleaners are trained to tackle all housekeeping cleaning tasks, including the cleaning of lecture halls, common areas, dorms, and all additional campus facilities. Now you can leave your cleaning to experts and enjoy the pleasant learning environment.